Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting to the bottom.

Ladies and Gents,

The $#!! has hit the fan.

This fake Magdalena has played me like a fool. When I got to the bottom of this mess. I look and see.

Great, this freakshow came out of nowhere. Oh no, that's not all. He has back up.

I find myself out numbered and out gunned.

That's ok. I feel the need to blow off a little steam. I grab the first goofy little bastard I could, and toss him in the crowd. It buys me a few moments. I'll need them.

The tossed goon takes three in the back. Hmm...So the fake Maggie doesn't know aboutwd. This is builds on their anger. Makes them sloppy.

I summon "Dark Beast" to even up the numbers. While in the air, I pop off a few shots.

All that is left is the Red Skull.

I shut down my powers. Take off my mask, show him I am a "Mud person". I tell him I am show that we all bleed the same.

Before he opens his mouth, I shut it. A sharp hook, his jaw shifts.

The Red Skull goes for an elbow. I counter with a palm strike and catch his wrist. As we rush forward into a wall. his shoulder pops.

There was a small yelp.


I take my time. I want to pick him apart.

After I knee the back of his. His weight drops. A thrust from my forearm forces his head to meet the wall. What was left of his nose breaks.

His eyes roll back into his head.

I turn to catch up to the "Fake Maggie".

Someone grabs me by the throat.

"GG....G.." I try to say something.

"What ? What is it you mongrel?" Nazi Superman speaks out.

"GG..Goku..." I smile.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena and Son Goku.

"GG....G.." I try to say something.

"What ? What is it you mongrel?" Nazi Superman speaks out.

"GG..Goku..." I smile.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena and Son Goku.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Something is wrong.

Ladies and Gents,

Some thing is wrong. I have a feeling, that Amber is not who she says she is...

Guy looked at me and then at the small red head girl trembling away from him…."Amber, that could have been you years ago.."

He stumbled with his words I walked over placing the gun his hands as my breast pressed against his back and my breath breathed kisses on his neck… My hand circled around so that he held the guy and I held his hand lifting it I teased his ear with my tongue and then whispered, "She is nothing… but….. a witness….."I squeezed his finger around the trigger slowly as I spoke until it went off and she was dead…. "Now doesn't that feel good… You know I am excited now.. Get the money for the goods and then come take care of me…

I will be waiting in your bed.. Don't be long or I will punish you.." I noticed him standing stiff like a statue starring at the little girl the blood puddling at his feet, "Now Henchy please tell me you have lost your way? I thought you would have the stomach for what we need to do… You do, don't you?"

Thats what happened. I made myself sick. Killing a hero or an adult is one thing, but a child...

This chick is pissing me off. I am going to find out what is going on.

However, if this should happen again. I need a back up.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena, and Son Goku.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Axe.

Ladies and Gents,

After tearing Iron Man "a new corn hole". I needed to fully test the Executioner's Axe.

I go to find information about those who used it before me.

BloodAxe, Ugh. What a crappy name.

However, this thing puts me at the same power level as Thor. Which is good, because Overdrive only last about 15 minutes and I can't really use more than once a day. Something funny, The axe must have it's drawbacks too.

I head to a training center to test it out.

Strength: above 100 tons.

Speed: normal

Endurance: near Hulk

Magic: energy blast of unknown origin.

Other: I seem to make others fear me. when I have the axe in hand.

Drawbacks: Bloodlust, I get a nearly uncontrollable urge to fight,kill and mate.

At the moment. I chose not to use the axe. It's drawbacks are too great. Last thing I need is to lose control.

I get a call from Amber. She sounds a little different. Going to another Universe does that to you sometimes.

I set a place to meet her. I want to tell her about the axe. I will ask her what I should do with it.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kicking @$$ and Taking Names

Ladies and Gents,

Iron Man wanted it he got it. Shell head has been gunning for me ever since I popped a cap in his ass. Finally, we are going to deal with this. He blast me with his repulsor rays. Sending me flying. I use the momentum to flip on to my feet. I waste no time my normal top speed of 245 mph. Hitting him at top speed with full power of 50 tons. It was his turn to go for a trip.

I sent him through the warehouses of Queens industrial district.

"How did it feel Tony?" I ask him. I go to hit him again, he ducks. Before he can do anything I follow up with a knee to into his inner thigh. Throwing his balance off. I pull back my arm and turn it into a elbow strike at his chin. As my right hand goes to a straight overhand, his tri beam from his chest place hits me hard. I try to get up he punches the ground.

I summon a few dark beast to my aid. They tear at him. Just when I was going to use "Overdrive" and double my strength and speed. My cybernetics shut down.

"Not feeling so big and bad now. Huh, Mr. Abrams? That's thanks to my Extemeis power. I control anything at use CUP's." Iron Man taunts.

This part is not fun. He uploads a fighting style from Taskmaster. He punches and kicks me at full power.

"Dammit, you haven't beaten me yet, Stark."

He throws me out onto a pier. It's time to pull out my ace. As I mentioned before I packed so tools for this job.

"All of the villains are the same. You think you can make a name for yourselves by taking me out. But you fail. You, all of you will fail. "

Great now he is giving me a speech. While he is yapping, I call up the Deus Ex Machina.

"My Iron Sense it's going crazy. Oh my god it hurts so bad. My head." Iron Man screams.

that's when he see me with it.

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The Executioner's Axe, A.I.M. got this and more when we found out Asguard in ruins. I borrowed this for a little extra firepower. I set off a EMP when I grabbed the axe. Iron Man reboots.

Fine. Now it's time to have fun.

Stark comes at me like a rocket. I swat him away. He tries to upload Vegeta's fighting skill, that doesn't help him. I pin him to the ground. I hold his head and pound his helmet in. After a while blood seeps out of his mask. he blacks out.

"Morning Mr. Stark." I greet him.

"Don't worry. You can't call up your armor. I drugged you. Yet again, here you are in your boxers, that bullet wound has healed nicely. Also I drained a pint and a half of your blood. I sold it to A.I.M. they are going to let me keep the axe and paid me $50 million."

I crack him in the mouth just for the fun. He loses a few teeth. I leave Iron Man tied to his chair, someone might come for him.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at SHIELD.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One bad day

Ladies and Gents,

It's been one bad day. I wake up and find Magdalena gone.

She left me a "Dear John" letter. When I head to my apartment, I find out Iron Ass, had cleaned out most of the accounts. So now I am alone and broke. Well almost broke. I had 2 million in my floor board. Still he took me for 300 million.

Iron man, your ass is mine. Because of my dating the Magdalena. The Local 432 is pissed at me. Slepping with a superhero is ok, dating not so much. I have to find another way to get a group to beat Ironman and his pet the Sentry.

I call up Speed Demon. At first he wants nothing to do with this. Then I remind him about the no interest loan, that I pushed through for him.

"James, you would of still be living with your mother if it wasn't for me." That puts him in place. Now I have speed. Next power.

I call the Wrecking Crew. The are on board just to build their reps back up.

The Sentry only really has one weakness, his mind. M.O.D.O.K. will take care of that. Leaving Iron Man for me to handle. I go over my plan and pack a few tools for the job.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Two Of Who?

Ladies and Gents,

where we last left off. I made a deal with Magneto's plug and play to send me into Magdalena's dream. She was battling some type of Demon. When she started to fight back, he turn and split my "Good" side and "Bad" side.

It felt more like breaking my Superego away from my Id.

My id runs at me full charge. My superego side steps and follows with a roundhouse kick to my ids face.

Superego: Down boy.

Id: No, Fight now.

S.E.: Amber, deal with the demon. I'll handle this animal.

The id is faster and stronger, however he lacks control. He does have the discipline to summon Dark beast or to use Overdrive.

The superego doesn't have the rage to use Overdrive. This is going to be hard.

Id zips up to S.Ego catches him off guard and knocks him through the dreamscape.

At last the Ego shows up and sends both for a loop.

The three of them, make it a free for all. They tear up the dreamscape.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Continued at Magdalena and TX.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Ladies and Gents,

I think someone is attacking Magdalena in the astral plane. The medical team doesn't know what is going on. All they know is she can't last much longer.

I use the Local 432 data base. To see who can help. I find the Sleepwalker.

I grab him by his cape as he goes to beat on so goons.

"What the hell are you doing, Abrams?" He inquires.

How does this guy know my name? "I need your help." I respond.

"The Magdalena needs to fight on her own. Face her fears." He says, then floats away.

This leaves me with just one more person I can deal with. The TX. Magneto's love robot.

I use Koma's tracking system to find her.

This just get from bad to worse.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena and TX.