Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Ladies and Gents,

My fight with Mr. Fixit aka the Grey Hulk, was interrupted by a group from the G.L. Corps.

It seems that they were a little sore from the beating the L.G.S. crew gave them.

So they thought I would be easy pickings after the cage match.

They were right. After using "Overdrive", Fixit had me dead to rights. I still was going to fight til there was nothing left.

Then, the Corps stopped the fight trying the apprehend me.

The strangest thing happened. Fixit came to my defense...

So we are going to make this a tag match. My yellow dark beasts took out the newbies. Leaving us with; Guy Gardener and Kilowog.

Guy tells Joe to say his prayers...

That leaves me with...


Joe takes Guy on in the area. I take Killy outside.

From what I heard it was savage. Fixit let the GL hit me a few times to get his blood up. Then laid the smackdown.

He caught Guy with a thunderclap, in turn Gardner raised a force field up. Joe just went to town on that thing. Smashing it to bits. After the ring ran out juice, Guy fainted and left a spot of yellow on his pants.

Meanwhile; Kilowog and I were playing a game of wits. I moved our fight outside so I "could stick and move".

My power cell is up and running, but I didn't want to use "Overdrive" again. Fearing what might happen.

I throw anything I could find at him tables, ladders, chairs and babies...Ok it was low but I had to distract him.

I got him looking all a round for me.

Good. I speed up my attacks, adding dark beast to them.

This has him frantic. He can't tell where I going to strike next if he doesn't know where I'm coming from.

As a slot goes heading for him I grab his calfs, slamming him face first into an SUV. Then I'm gone.

My fight with the Hulk taught me. I shouldn't fight them on their terms. I should fight them on mine.

He floats down to the ground. realizing my plan.I notice this seems he also is running out power.

"Alright you pozer, let finish this."

I punch him in the gut and hit all of his soft spots at super speed.

Open hand jabs into a rig hand strike. An overhand right misses only to connect with a downward elbow. Knee to the inner thigh, roundhouse to the lower back. I get a hold of his head, twist it into a tornado DDT.


Setting off all of the car alarms in the city .

Later at the after party the IRS finds me and takes their cut of the 2 millon leaving me 500 grand. Fixit says he going to a private card game.

I am going back to the hotel to ice.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr.Fixit Fight Night

Ladies and Gents,

After getting my ass handed to me by 4 Terminators. I left Koma. To go spar with Goku.

That Goku is a great guy. I am sure that, if I had met him instead of Vegeta. I would of became a hero, not a henchman.

He showed me some great things and even taught me how to do the Kaioken. Which I like to call Overdrive. So far it will make me Twice as strong and fast. However, I can only use for 15 minutes, also it seems to upset my cold fusion cell. Meaning, I could blow up at anytime...

Anyway on to the fight night...

I arrive at the Coliseum Casino. Everything is first class.

At the press conference :

I find out, I getting $2 million.

Mr.Fixit is getting $20 million...Fine.

The odds 75 to 1. Thanks.

I enter the Adamntium cage. Waiting...

I be a fool to tell you, I wasn't scared, but, I am damn sure, I am going to hold my own.

He enters the area. The place goes wild. The cheers are getting on my nerves.

Fixit, Fixit.


I start to loosen up,go through my plan.

He enters the ring.

Fixit, Fixit.

Everyone chants.

We lock up. Testing our strength against each other.

He throws me across the ring.

I get up an shake it off.

We lock up again. He gets me in headlock. I counter with a back body drop.


The ring shifts a little.

"Not bad kid. Now I know I don't have to go lite on you." He smiles.

"Do not take me as a joke." I tell him.

"Ha. To me, every one is a jok..."


I hit him in the face at 75 mph. He take a step back.

The crowd shuts up.

"Hmmp." As he take off his coat."Ok kid, you asked for it."


A huge sound wave comes at my direction, to bad I am all ready behind him.

I hit at full strength(50 tons.) with roundhouse kick in the ribs.

He goes flying.

I let a flurry of punches and elbows into his face at 245 mph.

He fakes a thunderclap and grabs me.

Not good.

I get tossed around like a rag doll.

Fixit puts me in a "Bear hug"

Something cracks. I don't know what. I think it is a rib.

I box his ears at full speed and strength. He lets go.

To use this to my advantage. I run up his body, bicycle kicking in the face into a double back flip 10 feet away from him.

I find myself getting stronger from him.

Good, but still.

I summon.


Dark beast.

"Now you're just making me mad." He belows.

As the Dark beast attack. I target his lower back. Using the ropes to add speed I ram into him.

Dropping him down to knees.

"Hulk smas...Oh no. I am going to beat you kid."

I spin into a side kick...

He catches my foot, throws me into the cage's bars...Oww. Fixit puts his hands around my throat. "Goodbye kid."

One of the dark beast claws at his back. He forgets me for a second. Ripping them apart.


I yell. Activating the Kaioken. I can now lift?press 100 tons and move at 600 mph.

I fly around the ring hitting the Grey Hulk with eveything I've got.

I just hope it's enough...

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Continued at Mr.Fixit's

Monday, July 17, 2006

Taking The Fight To Utron

Ladies and Gents,

A quick update then we will get on to the story.

Koma, informs me about Magneto's problem. No, not the one where he couldn't get it...

The other one.

Magneto, once again went off half cocked (see problem #1) after Ultron . When is this guy going to realize you need a plan.

Well, thankfully Koma,had one.

At his hideout he handed me a visor and EMP gun.

The Visor will allow me to see into the Terminators and find their weak spot. If I hit the yellow spot ( the cpu) with a pulse from the EMP gun . It will shut them down.

When we arrive Mags trys to give Koma crap about me being there. Just as I am going shut him up. Koma puts Magneto in his place.

The battle ground is a mess. Sky and Ultron have had a test of who's will is stronger. It ended in a tie/ explosion of Terminators. It seems the bots couldn't handle the information overload.

Also Koma had the forsight to bring his own army of synthoids with him. So we should have this in the bag, right.


I don't know where they are coming from, but there still seems to be a group of those things.

I let Sky, Lin-bot, Koma and "Sir Mags" himself go off to handle Ultron. If they need me, I'll help.

I try to get the Brotherhood together and work as a unit. Easier said than done.

Ok, guys I want a V formation with the Blob front and center.Pyro at his left and Avalanche his right. Mystique...


Damnit,where is she...?

"I saw her run off to catch up with Magneto and the Fembot." Pryo tells me.

"Don't you guys run drills on how to work as a team?" I ask them, not really wanting to know the answer.

"No. We just usually charge into whoever we are fighting." Blob informs me.

I think to myself, no wonder the X-Men beat them like a throw rug.

"See watch this" The Blob runs right into a bunch of Terminators, but taking out a lot more of Koma's synthoids.

A T-800 jumps on his back and crushes it's own hand against his temples, knocking the Blob out.

Great. Just great.

Pryo and the other one follow that "Goofy little bastard's" example and end up layed out.

Thanks.You guys were a big help.

Now it's me and a few synthoids vs and 2 dozen Terminators.

I take a deep breath, pick my targets and shoot.

The first two go down. The synthoids were destroyed, but take three out with them.

5 down. 19 left.

I bound to my right at top speed. I can't hold back on these things. Firing as many shots as I can. I hit four.

9 down.15 left.

While rolling back to the lifeless pile of synthoids. I pick up their guns.One of the Terminator graps my leg. I turn and unload the entire clip in it head.

10 to 14.

I am not going make it. Damn.just keep going...

To take some pressure off of me I summon a "dark beast"

It plows through them. Giving me a chance to breath. My "dark beast" drops the number to six left as he undone.

That has helped me a great deal. Thats the good news. The bad new is the; the guns ran out of ammo.

Six Terminators against me.


What not, I never thought I live forever.

They form a circle around me. There is no flesh on any of them left. They look at me with their red eyes.

They almost seem happy...

I let a roar that would scare the Gods themselves. I charge forward, fake a overhand right,drop into a leg sweep and follow with a terrible uppercut, ripping the head off of the one that was in front of me.

19 down. 5 left.

The rest make a grab at me. No dice. I spin to my left catch one in a DDT. Smashing its skull to pieces.

20 to 4.

They dogpile on me.

I throw elbows in every direction. Until I blackout.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Countined from Magneto,Sky, Koma and Lin-bot.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Getting Ready

Ladies and Gents,

In a short while I will be taking on the "Grey" Hulk aka Mr.Fixit. In a cage match.

I start training in the LGS compound.

I use the Holo deck. Taking off all the safety measures.

I feeling stronger than ever.

I just hope I'm ready. Mr. Fixit is not to be taken lightly. Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Freeing Magneto

(Update : Lin-Bot has taken Magento's place in the Vault, and Mystquie is posing as Cyclops.)

"Damnit Mia, put on your uniform. For this operation to work, you need to be ready like now."

"Fine, I thought that Koma was going to meet us here. I wanted him to be the first to see it." Mia pouts.

"Just get ready." I order.

Ladies and Gents.

The new Constrictor and I are going to break Lin out, to cover our tracks.

On a side note; Fixit didn't fall for Koma's ploy and tricked me into doing his job for him.
( Fool me once Fixit... Just keep thinking I'm not problem and you're in for trouble.) I tell myself.

Back to the matter at hand.

As make way to the Vault. I see Professor X being lead to a car by Cyclops. I remind myself that I am not working for Magneto. That, this for Koma...

I let the car drive off. Magneto is now free and out of there.

Magneto is freeded. Now is part of phase two.

I've spent sometime in the Vault, so I know my way around.

The Constrictor shorts out the power with her own ( She can convert all energy into super strength.). Now she is super-charged.

The complex is now on red alert. The Guards are going be ready.

As I summon a few Dark Beast to keep the guards busy. I get a bad feeling.

"It's Clobbering time !"

I jump out of way.

"Mia, this is all yours." I order.

"What...are you kidding me...?" She asks.

"Just lead him futher into the Vault." I instruct. Unlike Magneto, I make plans.

The mole, that the Local 432 has put in place at S.H.I.E.L.D. is earning his keep. He let me know that the "Gray wonder" tipped them off. In turn, they would send Ben Grimm.

(Once again, Fixit just cause you are smart now, don't think you have all the angles.) I think to myself.

"O.k, Mia head to Magneto's cell and get him out of here. I handle the Thing."

"Good. I going to kill him." She says.

"No. Damnit, Mia finish the contract." I bark out.

As she runs off. The Thing trys to give chase.

"Sorry Ben, I can't let you go after her."

I toss a grenade in his mouth.

* BAM*

That makes him mad. Good.

I need him mad.

He starts swinging, good.

Follow me.

I stay just enough out of his reach.


There goes the power line for the holding cells.


Mia should almost be at Magneto's cell. Time to wrap this up.

While slipping under a sloppy right hook. I begin a summoning. I connect with an elbow sweeping upward to his chin.

When he stands back up. He sees my gift for him.

"Ain't dis the luck of everybodies favorite blue eye..."


The flames engulf him.

Now, I have to make it to "Mags" cell, before Mia finds out he's really gone.

Due to my warm up with Mr.Grimm. The energy grids that keep the cells apart are blown.

Every super-villain in the place is free and they are rioting.

As I make it to the plastic cell, Mia and Lin- bot are fighting.

"I don't have time for this. Koma, pick us up." I scream.

Next thing we know, we are teleported out, and the Vault is destroyed.

We left the Thing to clean up.

The Syn-bot's of Koma, myself and Lin that were at Cyclops party, were a cover for this operation. Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Paying Fixit back

Ladies and Gents,

While I was on another planet. Mr. Fixit destroyed the Local 432 headquaters.


I can play too.

I have had some of the out of work henchmen of the Local 432, scout out Fixit's base of operations. It seems He has a nice big building in Las Vegas.

I stop by in the morning.

"Dr.Bruce Banner," I ask.

"y..yes, can I help you..." This wimp questions.

"Tell Mr. Fixit, here my response."

I slap him around and let him run off.

Then, I wreck his building...

Hey, Fixit...Game set and match. Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The New Constrictor

continued from Lin's place

Ladies and Gents,

As we all know Frank was taken from us...

But I would like to introduce his daughter...

Mia Payne.

Mia was also a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. However, She wishies to avenge Frank. She is black belt in Goju-Ryu, expert in small arms weapons and a Mutant. She can absorb energy and turn it into superstrength. It will take sometime, but we will format her costume.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Our Friend Frank

Ladies and Gents,

I thank you all for coming today.

Frank Panye , came (like many of us) from a broken home.He later worked deep cover for S.H.I.E.L.D. After Fury drove Frank from the espionage organization. He become know to us as Frank Schlicting aka The Constrictor.

Frank was a great guy. Someone you really could count on. He was one hell of a poker player and loved the ballet. Many of you at the Local 432, are angry and calling for heads to roll. I understand this.

However, due to the fact ,that Frank was (as we say) "giging out" and not a full time employee of Magneto. Magneto (by our own bylaws) can only be cited for this...

People, people...I am with you. Due to this lasted warning, Magento is now on the "Red" list.Meaning; that you will have to take care of yourself. If you choose to work for him.

In other news. Since the Constrictor has no heirs. His 401k will be put back into the companies retirement fund.

All our us will miss you Frank.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Update to the battle royal

Ladies and Gents,

Time to tell my side of the story. As the Constrictor and I get zapped into D.C. I find that there was no real plan in place. Fine I work on the fly.

I start working over Wolverine pretty good. When Mr. Fixit joins in, this will actually help me. However, he brought a friend too...Vegeta.

The time I spent at the LGS so far has been good for me. I have been able to scout Veg Head out. I was holding my own until, I tried drunken monkey on him. Next thing I know, I am in the Kennedy Arts Center.

As I make my way to Vegata. The Furball wants a piece of me. Ok round two. Lin-bot wants to join the fight. Hey, I am cool with that.

All of a sudden, Dr. Mc Coy reprograms her and she goes around chasing Koma. To his credit Koma steps up in a big way. He takes out his Lin-bot with a knife to the skull.

So I am left with the wannabie furry. At this time I have taken on both him and Veggie, one on one. I am a little beat and let my guard down. Big mistake, he cuts of my left elbow. That doesn't stop me though. The Dark Phoeinx does she went postal.

This thing is a mess. We have to re-group.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.