Monday, August 28, 2006


Ladies and Gents,

Maggie is dead. Vegeta beaten. Gaia is still alive. I will fix that.

I get in touch with Koma and ask to meet. When I catch up with him. I done something I have never done before in my life to a man.

I kneeled and begged. "Koma, please I need to find where Gaia is. I need to kill her while, she is still weak."

Koma takes a step back. "Holy Crap." Takes another step back. "Are you ok."

"No, I have to kill Gaia. She took Maggie from me." I shake with anger and despair.

Lin comes inbetween us. "Komy, we have to do something."

Koma: "We will. I already have a army ready."

"No, Koma I have to do this myself." I look him the eyes. "Earth needs everyone else here."

Koma sees my intent. He knows, what I will really do. "O.K."

Koma opens a portal.

I enter.

The portal puts me in her Headquaters. The doors open.

"Hello Guy." A growl comes from a dark throne. "What brings you here." Gaia questions.

I see a incredible amout of demons in front of me. "They aren't going to stop me."

"Sorry Henchy, They are here for the floor show." She shows images of the battle in New York. A loop of Gaia hurting Maggie, tossing her through the cemetery. She takes a glance towards me and smiles. Her eyes turn red. The troops part.

"Overdrive." I yell, This will double my power. The drawback is it may kill me. I don't care this maddness ends here.

I flash past Gaia, she put up a force field. "Didn't we do this before, Henchy?"

I smash through puching her in the jaw. Breaking it. It feels good, also it feeds me. Gaia stands up puts her hand over her face, it completely healed.

"Not bad Henchy, to bad you counldn't save Magdalena. You are stronger than I thought. My fight with Vegeta has weakened me, else wise you can of never landed that punc..."

I hit her again. I land hundreds of blows. "Aaarrrgh." Every hit is vengance. Pay back.

All Gaia does is laugh, with a wave of her hand she pushes me off of her. "How dare you. I am a Goodess. You are a crime against nature." Her hands start to glow. I summon a baker's dozen of "Dark Beast". She enter their minds and turns them on me. I destroy my own troops.

I feel that I'm about to reach the "Overdrive" limit. I go for one last charge. The Guardian of the planet swings. I duck under and plunge Koma's nerual knife in the back of her skull. She goes out like a light.

As I stand over her body. Her army takes it's first step towards me...

"No ! He's still my toy." Gaia floats up and mentally pulls the knife out. "Since you fought so hard, you can join your slut."

Whatever I had left, came back with her calling Maggie that." Overdirve", the power cell doesn't like this. However ,I know how this had to end. I may die, but I'm taking Gaia to hell with me.

Out of nowhere, Koma pulls me through a portal and places me in a damper cell to stop me from self destruction.

Lin comes into the cell. "I failed Lin. I couldn't save Maggie and I couldn't avenge her death." Then I do something, I haven't done in the longest time. I cried in someone's arms.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdaelna, Vegeta, Koma, Gaia and Professor X.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ladies and Gents,

It's been a whirlwind couple of days. Magdalena...I mean, Maggie and I have really connected.

I don't know how long it last.

I don't care. All I have is the now.

Something bad is coming.

After Maggie transformed into this winged spectral thing. I took her to a hotel.

The passion between us is unbelievable. I only want her more.

At brunch she is about to leave the bathroom.

I surprise her. Locking the door behind us.

I bring her to a full length mirror. I ask her from behind how she wants to be touched. I let her hands guide me as she watches us from the mirror. I nuzzle her neck. "Maggie, show me how to please you." She does. I scrape my teeth along her her neck. While my fingers explore her. She can't stop looking at the mirror. I kiss her deep and slow. She tries to turn and face me. "No, this is all for you." I whisper. Her body rock in a slow rhythm. The pulse speeds and builds.

"More." She asks. The bright light shines on her supple skin. She puts a hand on the mirror, but keeps the other one as my guide to her secrets. The smell of her just drives me wild. My Goddess begins to release. She rips my pants off, and allows me to share in her passion.

Later at the Hotel. I get a message that everyone must meet at Westchester.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Continued at Magdalena.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Ladies and Gents,

I woke up next to Magdalena. I had the best sleep of my life. She looked so peaceful.

I jump into the shower.

She wakes up to breakfast in bed.

I made scrambled eggs and toast with coffee.

"Thank you Guy, this smells great."

"Eat up." I watch her eat.

"Don't you want any?" She asks me.

"I will have some after you shower." I reply.

I finish my coffee. She comes out in a satin slip and her hair still wet.

I kiss her softly, then deeper. I give the her bottom lips a nibble.I pull her close and whisper in her ear "Magdalena."I follow that, with a lite kiss on her neck. Next is her collar bones. I grace her skin with fingers. I kiss her chest through her slip.

I look her into her eyes. " Last night you became my Goddess, let me worship you." I kneel down and bite her stomach slow and easy. She gasps. As I claw her buttocks skillfully. I am in awe of her exquisite skin. I give her slow prolonged Australian kiss. Stopping at the last moment to bite her hips. She arches her back in the most beautiful manner. I drink from her, not because my life depends it, because my soul does.

She lets off a shudder and pulls me to her. Magdalena looks deep within my soul. We become waves of passion. Crashing into each other. Holding nothing back. Rocking ourselves to an incredible build up. Time has no meaning. At the perfect time the crescendo comes. We both hold on to one another not wanting it to end.

I leave her 2 dozen long stem roses and note.


There is nothing I would not do for you.


I realize more than ever. Gaia has to die.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Continued at Magdalena.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ladies and Gents,

I tracked down Magdalena, I wanted to tell her my side of things.

"What do you want." She say with a hint of hurt in her voice.

"I'm here to tell you my side."

"Fine what is it?" She asked forcefully.

"Look can we do this somewhere else."

"Where ?"

"Later, at dinner." I tell her.


"Listen if the world is going to end, let me at least buy you dinner."

"You have got to be kidding me. If Charles knew about this..."

"Charles isn't here." I respond in a short manner."I am sorry, I want to tell you all that you want to know."

"Name? Give me your real name."

"Magdalena, my name is Guy Abrams. If you want anymore. You will have to ask at dinner."

She agrees.

I pick her up at 8:45pm

She looks stunning.

I take her to a small place that I know.

I start with my Maddess with henching began here.

I inform her, so she could see how life has changed me and given me this harsh out look at things.

I tell my side of thing with the payment from her and Vegeta.

I let her know how she made me feel the moment she touched me and that I didn't like it.

"It's just my powers. When I use them to look into hearts of men it happens a lot." Yet she doesn't look me in the eyes when she says it.

"Good, then we are done here." I finish the conversation.

She looks at me, then looks away.

"Let me get you in a cab."

I escort her outside.

There is a chill in the air.

She seems cold.

I pull her into me to keep her warm as I hail her a cab.

She looks at me.

I kiss her...

She slaps me.

I go to walk away...

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Continued at Magdalena.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Three sides...

Ladies and Gents,

I think someone once said..." There are three sides to every story; His, hers and the truth.

After the meeting in the X-Men's "War room".

Vegeta comes up to me. "Don't fool yourself. You know the best way to end this."

"And..." I ask.

"I don't think Magdalena has the nerve for it. I want you to be my eyes and ears on the group that's going to D.C." He says with a shrug.

"You don't have enough money on the planet, to pay me, to work for you." I respond.

He smirks and pops a capsule, a laptop comes flying out. 30 seconds later, I never seen that amount of money in my life.

"Fine Vegeta, you're right. I don't think Magdalena can do what's needed, to end this madness..."
I have transfer the money in to my account.

* Later on the Blackbird to D.C.*

Magdalena, herself asks to speak to me.

She knows I agree with Veg-head. She places her hand on my chest, it starts to glow. She looks me in the eyes and tells me "I also know your heart."

I turn away to break the connection.

I haven't felt, that warm and safe in a long time. I don't like it. Because I know a life, like that, is a lie. As I turned and wiped my eyes. She offers to pay me, to keep Vegeta from killing Gaia.

I take the money and have it sent to the only honest Orphanage in the Middle East.

I tell Vegeta what happened.

"Well, how would you stop me." He asks in a cocky manner.

"There is no stopping you, Vegeta. I would have to kill you." I reply.

"Damn right." Vegeta answers back.

Magdalena finds out about all this.


I want her to know this isn't just about her...

or how she made me feel.

I just think, she wouldn't make the hardest choice in her life. I don't want her to...

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heading To D.C.

Ladies and Gents,

Vegeta talk me out of leaving the X-Men on their own. He wants to kill Gaia, I agree. If she has this much power and wants to destroy all life on the planet. It is the fastest and easiest choice.

However, the Professor is leading us. So I will follow his orders. So I am on the Blackbird to D.C.

Seems the Headmaster has also MeMe'ed me.

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence

.4. Post the text of it and the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

6. Tag three people

Well, I have nothing else to do on this flight.

I keep my copy of "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu with me at all times.

Mei Yaochen added,"Watch for energy to crumble."

Do not eat food for their soldiers.

If the enemy suddenly adandon their food supplies, they should be tested first before eating, lest they be poisoned.

Do not stop an army on its way home.

I really do keep it with me at all times. I choose to Tag: Gyrobo, Deadpool and A.O.C.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Meeting The X-Men

Ladies and Gents,

I had Cloak and Dagger "Port" us to the X- Men HQ.

Funny all of the woman in the joint start sniffing around me.

"My dad doesn't like you." X-23 informs me.

"Look kid I don't care. Where are the grown ups?"

"Oh I can show you. The Professor just showed up." Nocturne tells me. Then takes me to them.

"You shouldn't be here."

" Well, Psylocke. Do you guys want help or not? I could just go back to Hacknor and not deal with this."

The good ladies took me to the war room.

I walk in, already a see I am not welcomed.

I turn to walk out...

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Something Going On...

Ladies and Gents,

Were we last left off: Cyberdyne doesn't have the chips in New York and teamed up with Mia is capture yours truly for study.

That's not going to happen.

I was 50 feet to freedom.

Mia's energy coils wrap around me.


Wow, I felt that one in my teeth. I fall to my knees.

"What, you're shocked." Mia jokes.


Real funny.

I jump toa run at full speed 245mph. Dragging her along for the ride.

Adding a few flips and rolls. Just to make her trip fun.

I think she lost her lunch at 42nd St.

Suddenly, we are surrounded by (I think) demons or something.

They start attacking Mia. She lets me go and runs off.

I summon some of my dark beast to see which are stronger.

New York was a rumble. Super beings "good" and "bad" are kicking ass.

After everything settles down. I try to find out what going on.

Dagger tells me, what she knows.

(I will deal with Peterson and Mia later.)

I head over to Westchester to find out the rest.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New York, New York

Ladies and Gent,

I gave Lin-bot the intel about the Cyberdyne chips. She in turn told Koma and Sky.

There are three possible places for said chips. The European Headquaters in Munchen, Germany, Pacific Headquaters in Sydney and New York City.

New York, is where I am going to check things out.

It's good to go back home. Mia wants to go shopping.What did I get myself into.

I don't trust her. S.H.E.I.L.D. has put her on my ass.

Koma, I think has got away. So I have to find a way to lose her.

I head to Cyberdyne HQ

It's on the top ten floors of the AOL Time Warner building.

As I make my way to the top floors, I change into my uniform.

Mia puts her outfit on, in front of me. Man, that girl has no shame.

Hell, I wouldn't either if I looked like her.

S.H.E.I.L.D. wants me to keep the bodycount down.

We'll see, that up to them.

I stop the lift and get out before the target point.

"Don't tell me you are going through the shaft. All super spy. Right."Mia asks me, in a smart ass manner.

"No. You are going up, since you are so buddy, buddy with them." I order.


"Yup. If they (SHEILD) wants the chip without a bloodbath. You handle it."

I send her the rest of the way. Fool me once...

I take the stairs to the hot zone.
*Mia arrives at the penthouse*

"He's not coming. Yeah, I know you wanted to look at his power cell and cybernetics." Mia says to someone.

"God, you are worthless. The chip isn't here, but we wanted to have the Henchman for study."

"I'm sorry. I get him here." She pleads

I change out of the gear, into civil wear. I put on my glasses and Cyberdyne I.D.

Also, I place Koma's neural knife in my suit.

Walking through the office I take note of the purple lights.

*Power dammers*

Dammit Mia, you did it to me again.

I set low level EMP disks against the walls. Just in case.

After almost walking the entire top floor, there is a level five security area my ID won't let me in.

I wait by the water cooler. I see movement pass the glass doors. I head to the bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom, I click my pen twice. Sending a short to the closed camera system.

I find the person with the clearance. As she is washing her hands. I short her out. Placing a my own spy system on her.

On my way out. Mia spots me...


Two guys head towards me. I make a break for it.

Through the glass of the top floor.

I'm free and clear.

50 feet and I out of the control area.

Coils wrap around me.

Dammit Mia...

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

See Koma's and TX's blog for more

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Doing the man's dirty work

Followed up from Lin's blog

"Wake up sleepyhead..."


"Damnit Mia, we didn't...Again...Did, we?"


"What's a matter, I thought we were having fun?"

"That's not the point. Your father was one of my best friends. Never mind, I gotta go."

Ladies and Gents,

S.H.I.E.L.D. has captured Koma. In order to get Lin-bot and I, to get the Ultron chips.

I tell her to stay on the set til I can find some answers.

I head to the Downtown area. To see if the Local 432 chapter here, has any info.

My contact tells me to go and hang out at "Little Tokyo". Wow this is a place you don't want to be after dark, but hey I got a job to do.

I sense I'm being followed. I duck into a cheap liquor store and buy a bottle of wine.

My shadows stay about two blocks behind me. There is about four or five on my tail. The smell of dead fish is what's really killing me.

Now there's only two at my back...

At a block a head of me there are two more goons. Leaving only way to go is the alley...


This way suits me better than they think.

At the end of the alley way, is this short guy with a bad comb over and a short wide tie.

"So what are you doing poking around here...Guy?"

Great he knows my name. I get the feeling isn't a two-bit gang.

"I doing a job. Let me do it. I let you live." I calmly tell him.

"Ha, your funny Mr. Abrams."

"Last chance to go in one piece." I say hoping that they well take it.

"Cyberdyne, know all about you. Above your head are power dampers. Didn't notice the purple glow in the alley." He adds a laugh to that remark.

"That just means, Ihave to do this the hard way." I go to pull my piece out. It isn't there...

"Oh yeah...Your girlfriend did us a favor." Now, he is smirking.

I go down to one knee and put the bottle of wine right next to me.

One of his boys grabs my right shoulder. I, in turn grab his hand...

I spin around with the bottle in my hand and smash it across his face.


Glass goes flying everywhere.

It knocks him out.

I pull the doof into me and use him as a shield. Thankfully, this guy, kept his gun in back of his belt.

The "Meatbag" takes four shots. Well he was good for some things.

I shoot two but the gun jams on me.

"Short round" tries to knife me in the back. I twist away and punch him the back of the skull.

That puts him in dreamland.

The last "Goofy little bastard" drops his gun and wants to go one on one.

"Listen, I fought the Grey Hulk to a draw. Do you really want to do this with me." I ask, to see if he take's the hint.

"Yeah, but that was with your powers."


He runs at me. Ready to tackle me to the ground.

I knee him in the face. As he falls back, I catch his tie. Round house kick to the jaw. It breaks.

I take their wallets, keys, cell phones and guns.

That leaves me with "Short round."...

I get the information I need.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Movie Magic

Ladies and Gents,

At my hotel suite Koma leaves me a video message. He wants me on the security detail on some movie Lin-bot is doing with the real Lohan...Ok, this already smells funny.

When I get there he tells me to check up on Lawson-fyfe and hie secretary Alison.


First thing I do is walk around the set.

For a big budget movie, they seem not to have a lot of equipment.Strange...

I head for Lawson-fyfe trailer. Inside I find him and his secretary.

"Hey you get out. What do you think you are doing in here." He tries to order me.

"Listen, chief I'm working the security here. You know that guy 'Koma' is wanted right?"

Lawson-fyfe: "Good God. What two-bit place did they get you from, It's all part of the plan."

Plan? I play his game.

"I'm sorry sir, I just got sent to this location. I need to be filled in."

"Filled in...We are not paying you to think. Just do as you are told. Alison, will 'fill you in'." He barks

I walk up to his secertary. " Mr. Lawson-fyfe said you would be the one to catch me up on evertything?"

"Sure thing, you know you don't look like the rest of this guys...I mean, I sure you could tussle with the best of them. However, you not a 6'10, 325 ibs. guy either." She tells me.

"Well..." I try to explain.

"Don't worry, I like that.I'm Alison,but you can call me anytime."

Wow, I think to myself. That line is cheesy.

"I just need the basic details."

"I will get us a couple of cups of coffee and then I will fill you in...on everything." She says as she walks out the trailer.

I go to hack into the laptop that is there.For some reason hacking into a basic laptop shouldn't be this hard. Then it pops up.


Please enter password.

I type in the alpha code for S.H.E.I.L.D.


I get in. I burn all of the info on to a disc.

Alison comes in." Well I'm sorry I took so long,but...Why are you on my laptop...?"

She pushes me a side and sees a game of freecell.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I respond.

Alison: "You can't be on that thing. You need to go."

I meet Koma later and hand him the disc.

As I head off the lot. I am stopped.Someone gets out of the car.


Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.