Sunday, October 29, 2006

Home back home.

Ladies and Gents,

After beating the X-Men like they owed me money. I can think a little bit clearer. I have to find Amber. Where could she be?

I am about to head back to the city, then I get stopped by him.


"I'm sorry but I can not let continue to run amok." He commands.

I give him "the bird" and start walking.

"I'm must warn you. I will not allow you to bring harm to anyone else." He declares.

Jeeze, Why are all of these "heroes" such windbags. Why doesn't he ask, if I need help. No, he has think I am the problem. Not the fact the X-Men attacked me and I defended myself.

I kneel down to write something out. Then ,this rejected Vegas show act blast me with a spell.

I shrug it off and sigh. I deflect the next set of blast. I clutch his throat and turn his head to look at a tree.Then I write "Stop" with my finger.

"Ok." he stammers out.

I put him down and continue to write into a large rock. "Help me out of this. I must find Amber."

"Well, I see. Come with me." He states.

At the Sanctorum.

The good Doc goes to work. "How...well, strange, I am having a much harder time getting your lifeforce out of the Destroyer armor. It seems it doesn't want to let you go."

Dammit, my powercell. It's the same reason I can summon my dark beast. For some reason the supernatural are drawn to it's power.

I don't know what to do.

"Aha, I got it." Strange expresses.

Next thing I know I back in my body. I do two things; bathroom and then check my phone. Dammit, the battery is dead. I charge it a check my messages.

Ok, I got some about Magdalena and... a bill from Dr.Strange, $2 million. That son a *****.

Meanwhile, the Destroyer armor comes back to life beats the tar out Dr.Strange and wanders off somewhere.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena, Fixit and Vegeta.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Ladies and Gents,

While searching for Amber, I get attacked by this one.

"Sorry bub, but Chuck wants you taken care of." Wolverine states.

I see that he brought back up.


And Rouge.

As the Destroyer, I have a hard time thinking. Except, when I am fighting.

The furball has Rouge use a fastball special. He hits me in the face. My head turns with the blow, but that's it. I look at "The Big Bad Wolverine". He claws at me, after seeing nothing happen. He looks up.

"Oh s**t." Is all he can get out. I send him soaring. Iceman tries to freeze me in place, Rouge then follows up with a flying right cross. She sends me zipping through the forest.

"Nice team work Bobby" She lets out.

"Thanks, babe. I don't know what the Professor was worried about. The Destroyer was a piece of cake." Iceman gloats.

I pick myself up. How could the X-Men find me? I think, my scent. I hover over Rouge and Iceman. Waiting...

Then I drop. This shakes them up. I grab the first one closest to me. I feel happy now.

I beat Iceman into broken cubes. Rouge comes at me. Screaming about someone named "Bobby". I stop her in midflight, slam her down. The leaves fall in a rush. I turn my hands super hot to see if she would burn. Next, I hear scrapping on my back.

"Anna get Bobby and get out of here." Wolverine orders.

He charges toward me. Claws swinging wild. I catch his left wrist and push his claws back in his arm, slowly. He howls and backs off clutching his limb. I finish what he started. I try to see how fast he heals from beatings, burnings and shocks. In the end I toss him away like used trash.

I need to find Amber. I need to see if she is ok.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena, Professor X, Wolverine and Iceman.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finding Magdalena

Ladies and Gents,

After I Killed Brolly, I was suck in the Destroyer armor.

I had to find a way out of it. Also I need to check in on Magdalena. I haven't heard from Amber in a while.

I figure I should check Xavier's place. So I fly to Westchester. I crash through Chuck's pad. Some of the New X-Men tried to get in my way, I slap them around. I have a hard time thinking within the Destroyer.

Correction, I am the Destroyer. As, I head in Charle's office I find a note.

NYPD Detective (homicide) said...
Briiiiiiiiiing Brinnnnnnnnnng

Hello, I am with the NYPD homicide just wanted to inform you that we have a body, Miss Magdalena was pronounced dead at the scene ....

I trash his office.

And head to the morgue. It's late at night, no one is there. I enter the "cold chamber". No Amber, just a group of redheads.

I going to get to the bottom of this.

I head to Cardinal Greene home.

He just flips out and runs aroung screaming. I grab him and try to speak and... nothing.


I hang him out the window.

"My, lord forgive me. The Magdalena, she , she was the..."

His sleeve rips. He falls.

Dammit, I have to find Amber.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Continued at Magdalena and Professor X

Monday, October 16, 2006

Death of a Saiyan

Ladies and Gents,

I put myself into the Destroyer armor, to battle Brolly.

I feel stronger and faster than anything humanly possible.

The monster comes at me. Flying towards me with amazing speed. However, everything slows.I see where his moves are coming from and where they are going. Jeeze, when A.I.M. did the salvage mission on Asgard. I'm glad I took this thing for myself.

I grab Brolly's right hand with the Destroyer's right, I use my left in a palm strike to his forearm. His elbow dislocates. Damn, I was hoping it would break. As he backs off, I strike. I fake an over right hook to get him to drop down into an uppercut.

I catch his ankles and slam him down.




Next thing I know we are here.

While punching his face in Brolly starts laughing."Now, this is power. Worthy of all my might."

He charges up and gets that glowing thing Saiyan do when, they really want to fight. The freak throws me off of him.

I can't reply. I just feel the power of the Destroyer.

I like it.

Brolly comes at me again, then he is gone...

BAM. My body goes soaring through the air, then I stop (I can fly in this thing).

I am becoming the Destroyer.

He tries to hit me with those energy blast. I just...just absorb them. After five minutes, I hit him with some. This is getting us nowhere. We start brawling. Throwing wild punches at each other. The ground is shaking. Then he does something impossible. He dents the armor. I'm sent over to someplace crashing through homes and mountains.

Night falls. We both have been pound on each other for the longest time. I change the ground to a mix of quicksand and mud around Brolly, then I harden it to past diamond level. He struggles to get free.

I clutch his hair and hit him, hard.


Blood comes from his mouth. I break all of his teeth. Any energy blast comes from my hand. It explodes inside his face. He is blind and beaten.




He stops moving. All I feel is his breath. I open my visor and use the "Disintegrator" Beam.

In the dark of night. The only being that is left is the Destroyer.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

...It Pours

Ladies and Gents,

Stark set me up good.

Brolly had me dead to rights. He was going for his "Over hand right".

Then some thing pulled me up by my boxers Magdalena bought me (She kept tearing my underwear off). The force pulled me out of Brolly's attack. Next, my shorts went over my head and made me duck.

I think it was a "Ki-Wedgie", but it felt different (still hurt).

However I bigger problems.

I pull two guns and empty the clips into Brolly.

"Fool, you think....Argg." He yells out.

Sucker, I have high density carbon bullets. They were ment for Stark.

The bullets pierce Brolly and explode.

That will be me a few mintues head start. I run.

Dammit.This is bad.

I think to myself, Brolly...Brolly....Ok he is a brawler.

I summon a few "Dark beast" to wait for my signal. I run back at him. He swings wildly, I use his own force to throw him through a building. When he busts out my beast go for it.They start to bite at him and take chucks out. This just pissed him off. I hope it's a good thing.

I am near where I need to be. Soon it all will be delt with.

As slow my pace a bit I choke. Brolly's paws are around my neck.

"All of you think, I am simple mind. Not anymore. I am going to peel you.Then after I will have your Magdalena. She know the power of a super sayian.Ha ha" Brolly whispers in my ear.

I twist around to shove a grenade in his mouth.


He drops me. I head into the safe house. I give my lifeforce to it...

The Destroyer.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When It Rains...

Ladies and Gents,

Well some people just don't listen.

I told Stark to back off Magdalena. I heard he took her name off his list, until I was dealt with.


When are these guys are going to get it?

I don't want to be Amber to be messed with.

I find out Stark is doing a press conference about going after Vegeta.

I pack what gear I need.

I set myself up on a near by roof. I check everything; Wind, distance,caliber of bullet.


He goes down. It's a clean shot.

All of a sudden he fizzles and turns into a puddle.

Dammit, clone. I been had. I turn around to see....

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Conitnued at Magdalena and Vegeta.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Get Back On Track

Ladies and Gents,

My Mole in SHIELD told me, that Mr.Stark aka Iron Man, has taken Magdalena off of his "list".

Good, then we won't need to "speak" again.

This frees me up to check on some leads Amber has gotten. She sent me a fax about her missing long lost brother. Man, you have got to be kidding me. These church types are a mess.

So, I find out that, a nurse took her brother a way to an orphanage in the Mid West. Gee, that just narrows it down so well. The only thing that will help me is to speak to the nun her self.

I try it the easy way first. No such luck. I googled her name (Sister Praxis) only to find crap about punk bands on Myspace and eurotrash porn. Information superhighway my ass.

Time to go old school. I make some calls and put the word out. Nothing, the next is to go out and talk to people, the right people.

I find Joel, he was a priest that was heading to the top. Until he met, a single mother who needed help. One thing led to another and oops, baby made four. They would have let him stay but he had to denounce the child. He wouldn't, a year later a car crash kill his family. Now he drinks.

"Hey Pete, I'm picking up the tab." I shout.

"Guy, what are you doing here?" Pete asks.

"I need to talk to Joel. I need some info. By the way how is he doing?"

Pete tells me about how, he keeps Joel under control most days. Just every once and while he has to send him home.

"Thanks Pete, remember to send me the bill for anything he or you need, ok?"

"Guy, you're too good." Pete replies.

I think about what I did to Stark at that moment. I head to the corner of the bar.

"Excuse sir, I was wondering if I could have that seat for my girlfriend?" I ask.

"Listen, you little sh...." Joel goes to stand in my face "Guy"

Yes, I smile at him. He gives me a hug.

"I am sorry Joel, but I need to talk to you about church business."

"See I knew you weren't here just catch up and with me and see if I was ok." Joel spits out.

"Look, I need your help. I am asking you for a favor. As for seeing how you are doing? Who do you think pays for your tab. Dammit Joel, I really don't have time for this. Please Joel help me."
I tell him who I am looking for.

He wakes me off. " I'll be back in a hour."


"Guy, what the hell are you doing? Sister Praxis...She was into some big mess with the church. If this Magdalena is real and the stories are true you are in something deep."

"Come on buddy. All I want to know is where to find her?" I ask him.

She is in Denver.

With that information I call Amber.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Magdalena.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Going After Stark.

Ladies and Gents,

After Stark gave the go ahead for his "Cape killers" to go after the Local 432.

I sent a message back. "Run wild." Also I put a $50 million hit on him.

However, I won't let it end there.

With all of the in fighting with the super heroes. We "villains" have been holding back. In part to the pay off Stark had been giving us.

That ended after he and SHIELD wanted to go after Magdalena.

She has too much on her plate already. So I am going to give Stark something else to deal with.

Because of this mess Stark started.

Crime has jumped to 125%

Banks are being robbed left and right. The city is turning into a jungle.

And we have only begun.

The lastest rumor is he wants to send Brolly after me.


So I am going to have a meeting with Stark. A good one on one.

I catch him outside of a hotel at 2:30 am. Boy he was surprised.

Before he had a chance to turn on that armor of his, I break his jaw. He blacks out.

432: "Whakie whakie, eggs and bakie."

I.M.: "Hmmp"

432: "What is that, can't speak ? Why don't you try to talk out of that other face of yours?"

I slap his face. Just so he can feel a fresh load of pain.

432: "I have you drugged, so you can't call up your armor. We are going to talk Stark. Leave Magdalena out of this. I won't tell you twice and you would never see me twice."

I shoot him in the leg. He tries to scream.

432: "Gunshot wounds always burn don't they? Simple Stark, it's simple don't f*** with me. I want Magdalena off your list."

He just glares at me. I in turn. Stick my thumb into his gunshot wound and twist. He passes out again.

I leave him there with a note.

"Remember Stark...


Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Continued at Vegeta and Magdalena.